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Whats The Plan?

Save our summer

Welcome to 'Gin & Rum On The Farm', located at Rinder's Farm situated between Fifield and Holyport in Berkshire and taking place on Saturday 15th August 2020.


Our team are excited to be able to launch this new event in 2020, in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have worked tirelessly to provide you with an amazing event, celebrating Gin and Rum with safety in mind!


You will have access to several dedicated Gin and Rum Bars, offering a varied choice of spirits from a range of distilleries both national and local, as well as some expert advice on what is being served and how to serve it right. There will also be a Beer & Cider Tent, a Prosecco Bar and a Pimms Bar on site, so if Gin and Rum aren't your tipple of choice, then you wont go thirsty.

There will also be some fantastic food plots serving tasty treats and some cool summer vibes playing in background. Read on to find out more!



Your Own Space To Relax In

In order to adhere to current social distancing rules, the event arena has been divided into allocated 'bubbles' which are 3 meters in diameter and are spaced 2 meters apart from your neighbour's bubble. Each private bubble is allowed a maximum of 6 individuals per plot, giving you your space to relax and enjoy the event safely.


The first released bubbles costs £25.00 and allows entry for a maximum of 6 individuals into the event. These individuals must be able to sit within their allocated bubble and will not be allowed to sit in a different bubble. It is essential that you understand social distancing guidelines when attending this event (

Onsite parking is available at £2.50 per car and disabled spaces are available closer to the venue field. Please note that the ground is of uneven surface.



Enjoy With Confidence

The safety of both our customers and our staff is our priority and we would like to give you more detail about the precautions we are taking with regards to Covid-19.


SAFETY is of the utmost IMPORTANCE.

  • All bubbles are to be allocated and will be limited to 6 individuals per bubble which are individually spaced a minimum of 2 meters apart

  • Maximum attendance levels to keep social distancing within the venue

  • Queuing systems at all outlets to promote distancing measures

  • Contactless payments available by all plot holders 

  • ALL staff will be wearing PPE

  • Free hand sanitizer throughout the venue

  • Toilet attendants working full time to disinfecting cubicles before and after use

  • Litter pickers working to remove disposable items safely with picking tongs.


Mine's a


It is believed that gin was first produced in the middle ages by the Dutch. It was only when gin made its way to England that it had become a drink to be enjoyed by all. Because the English government allowed gin to be produced even without a license, gin became even more popular than brandy at that time.

Gin is a good source of antioxidants. Juniper berries are super foods, loaded with antioxidants that help reverse free radical damage and fight signs of ageing! Juniper berries are also a good source of flavonoids, which help prevent heart disease and improve blood circulation.


A shot of gin contains around 54 calories, making it the ideal choice for the weight-conscious. Drink it straight if you want to offset the lockdown stone!

What are you waiting for?


Its all about the



Its all about the




Rum was first produced in the 17th century, when sugarcane plantation's in the Caribbean discovered that molasses could be fermented to produce alcohol. Because of rum’s unique flavour and aroma, demand for the alcohol quickly grew, and other sugar-producing countries got into the rum production business. This alcohol became so popular that rum became a form of currency in many colonies in the 18th century.

Rum can help with heart health, preventing blockages in the arteries, thereby reducing the risk and impact of a heart attack. It can also aid in the production of HDL, which is considered good cholesterol. Rum also has antimicrobial properties, which can help fight the bacteria that cause the common cold. It can also offer relief from cramping and muscle pain and promotes bone health, keeping osteoporosis and arthritis at bay!

What are you waiting for?



Delicious Variety Of Food Available

We have handpicked a selection of fantastic local food vendors to cater for your different tastes throughout the day.  These will include BBQ, pizza, jerk chicken, tapas, ice-cream, sweet treats and more! Vegetarian options will be available. 

We pride ourselves on using local businesses for our events, and are so happy to be able to support those who have found the last few months in lock-down a challenge for their business. 

Another great reason to come and join the fun!



#Let The Music Play

No event would be complete without some background music to enhance the day. 

We will have a DJ playing some cool summer vibes as well as some great sets from some of the best acoustic acts from all over the country playing some well known classics in the background to spice up the day.

Guests will also have access to Creation Station to help entertain the Children (at additional cost)